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Dentures (Full & Partial)

If you need dentures constructed, your dentist will discuss the process and options with you carefully, knowing that fitting upper and lower dentures can be a big change to get used to.

Even with excellent dentures, you will lose some of the chewing power your own teeth had and have to adjust to this change. It may also feel that your mouth is full and crowded and take some time to feel comfortable with this new situation.

Whether you need a short or medium-term replacement for a tooth, there are suitable types of dentures to choose between, all easily removed for cleaning. A plastic partial denture sits on the gum and can additionally have wire clasps to keep it in place. Resting on existing teeth, a metal precision partial denture fits securely with clasps.

Before making any decision on the loss of your own teeth, discuss all questions you have with your dentist so that you are fully informed of all aspects of the procedure and how dentures feel and function.

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